Concrete Ek@Blocks
100% recycled

Sustainable innovation for industrialised construction

Stackable. Reusable. Relocatable. Zero waste. Discover our multi-purpose recycled blocks.

We want to innovate in a sustainable manner. That’s why we use the leftover concrete and treat it, together with recycled aggregates from rubble and demolition works, to make blocks that replace bricks in many applications, such as area separations or safety barriers. Circular economy in its purest form.

Two formats: 80x80x80 cm / 160x80x80 cm

Advantages of Ek@Blocks

✓ Quick and easy to assemble

✓ Competitive quote

✓ No previous project required

✓ No foundations required

✓ Strong compressive strength

✓ No additional materials and mortars needed

✓ Recyclable

✓ Thanks to their composition, they absorb CO2

✓ Low energy consumption in production

✓ Environmentally friendly product

✓ Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation




Retaining walls

Safety barriers

Partition walls

Aggregate and by-product storage separators

Loading bays

Delimitation of temporary structures

Perimeter enclosure

Agricultural buildings

Acoustic barriers

Roadside protection

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