Innovation and Sustainability

Concrete with recycled aggregates

Producción de hormigón digitalizada y sostenible

As a concrete manufacturing industry, we are very conscious of the environmental impact of our work. In fact, it is the second most used element in the world, after water.

That’s why we have spent years researching ways to reduce our carbon footprint and water consumption in the production of our products, as well as the use of recycled aggregates obtained from the crushing of construction and steel waste.

This whole process and the composition of our products allow the end user (the company awarded the contract) to easily calculate the real percentage of secondary material in the overall project. Traceability and quantification of recovery is the only road to true sustainable concrete. And we’ll continue along this road.

In accordance with Instruction 1/2023 of 7th March 2023 issued by the Basque Government in compliance with article 28d) of D116/2016 for suppliers of raw materials in civil works and infrastructures, Hormigones Vascos has developed its green concrete, called Ek@-Concrete, which guarantees between 20-40% of by-products, secondary raw materials, recycled materials or materials from preparation processes for reuse over the total of the work (by weight).

Example: Stamped concrete made from recycled aggregates

Carried out in Ugao-Miraballes for the construction company Germán Etxebarria. Application: Pavimentos Gernika.

We work with exclusive applicators who know our product like no one else. If you want us to recommend the best solution for your project, ask us.

Fichas técnicas

Hormigon Masa 20

Hormigon Masa 20

Hormigon Masa 20

Hormigon Masa 20

Aplicadores de confianza

Pavimentos JR

· Pulido de Hormigón y Pavimento Impreso
· Áridos lavados
· Pavimento de Mortero Bombeado
· Colocación de Plaqueta y Terrazo
· Reformas Integrales

Pavimentos Gernika

· Especialistas en pavimentos de hormigón
· Instalación de hormigón impreso y pulido
· Urbanización en general

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